Friday, November 6, 2015

Adventures Uncensored

It's new blog. The Cat Widow ends here, and will always exist...full of purpose and meaning.

What comes next is...
Adventures Uncensored. See you there...


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  1. You are never alone. Even when it seems like we are alone we have God waiting for us. I have found tremendous strength in daily prayer then reading my Bible or Book of Mormon. It seems like the answers to my struggles and prayers "jump" off the page when I do it in this order. I work at a cemetery and see a lot of grief in my job. Time makes most wounds better but they are still there, like sand-turned-to-pearls inside an oyster. Do you still keep up the smiley face calendar? I really liked that. I'm putting a smiley face if I had a great day as a goal to keep a cheerful attitude and not just check off the day. I read that Jerry Seinfeld does something like that in order to force himself to write each day and come up with new material. Cheers!


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