Tuesday, June 9, 2015

On the Brink

There are things to share. The journey hasn't ended simply because I hit a year and stopped writing daily. 

Changes are brewing. Everything is swimming around...but at the same time, everything is opening up - a wide expanse of opportunity. And even on top of that, things are falling into place. I'm not exactly sure how those three things can happen all at once, but they are.

I think back to what I was doing and how I was feeling this time last year. Oh my...what a different story was being told. I was navigating my way through my first month as a widow, shell-shocked and dazed, overwhelmed and raw with pain and disbelief. 

This June is significantly different...so much so that I feel I've lived at least 3 lifetimes since this time last year. 

Life continues to amaze me. And surprise me. And comfort me.

I have things to share. Stay tuned. 

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