Rick and I rescued Tumbler from a shelter in December of 2010. He and his sister, Juice, were my Christmas cats. :)

Tumbler is my "special needs" kitty. He has cerebellar hypoplasia and some intellectual disabilities. He's quite a character and an extremely loving boy. He is affectionate, goofy, and impressively patient. He sounds like an owl, a duck, a piglet, and a sheep in turn. Named for the way he falls over and tumbles when he walks, Tumbler does not have the balance of other cats. He can't walk well, can't climb much, and can't jump, but he does have his own little cry I like to call "Mrahh" and he uses it to let me know when he wants to be picked up and put on a lap.

Diagnosed with kidney failure at age 4, Tumbler gets IV fluids daily which I give him at home. He continues to persist at life.

Tumbler is all-around adorable and precious. He snuggles for hours, loves to be petted, and gives kisses. So really, he's not much like a cat.

He'd also be lost without his sister, Juice. She takes good care of him.

He also has his very own tumblr. Fitting, eh? Find it here - it can only be described as awesome:Things Tumbler Wants to Be

This cat is living the dream every day! 


  1. Aww, I'm in love with Tumbler. What an amazing, adorable little guy!

  2. Aww he is absolutely gorgeous! pets are just the best:)



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