About Arielle

My husband committed suicide on May 18th, 2014. I've always been a writer, so why stop now?

My heart hurts, but my fingers still work, so I'm going to write and see what happens. I was a widow before age 30. Nothing will ever be the same.

I'm an MSW, LSW, Eating Disorder Recovery blogger, eating disorder support group leader, and cat lady. By day, I'm a licensed Hospice Social Worker.

In addition to my MSW, I have a Bachelor's Degree in English and in Women's Studies. I have a fierce and undying love for the written word, gazillions of books (okay, 600+), and love nothing more than to write, read, and drink a good cup of coffee or tea.

I write about my cats a lot. I apologize in advance. They are a comfort and a distraction to me. 

My special needs cat, Tumbler, has his own blog (a tumblr of course):Things Tumbler Wants to Be

This is my new personal blog. I wrote for 7 years at One Page at a Time... That blog was characterized by stories of my life, little adventures, hardships, triumphs, and eventually my letters to strangers. But more than anything, One Page at a Time was about my marriage. There were posts about anniversaries, vacations, mundane daily occurrences, and my husband's chronic pain.

Now it's time to write about my pain. It's time to lay One Page at a Time to rest and start a new chapter, and therefore, a new blog. My life is forever changed. I must move forward from here in a new role: widow. I must grieve, learn, accept, and adapt. The woman who wrote One Page at a Time is still here, but she's different. And her story has taken such a turn that it now feels impossible and wrong to continue on the same page, chapter, and blog. A new beginning has presented itself to me, and though it was not my choice, I am choosing to welcome it. 
And just as Rick would want me to, I will use my writing to cope, to heal, and to reach.  

If you want, you can follow me on Twitter @arielleleebair
but if you hate positivity, my account may not be your cup of tea.


  1. Well, I'm already inspired by you and feel a strong connection. Thank you for sharing who you are! ~ Sara

  2. My love to you, Arielle. Your inspiration never ceases.

  3. I used to read your ED blog back when I was deep into my disorder and starting my recovery and always found it to be a great beacon of hope and inspiration. I was checking all the old blogs I used to follow yesterday and found that blog again which led me here. I've been reading through your blog here since yesterday. You are such an incredible woman. I am so sorry for your loss but I admire your strength and the amount of positivity you hold within you. You are an absolute inspiration. Thank you for being so honest and open. Stay the strong and positive and beautiful person you are. <3

  4. Hi Arielle,
    I'm a children's librarian and I found you through a blog about children's librarianship. When I clicked on the link I expected to find another children's librarian and my heart missed a beat when I read your profile. Seven years ago my fiance took his like seven months before our wedding. It has been a tough road but I can finally say that I'm going to be ok. My heart hurts for you. I don't think I found you by accident and I thank you for giving words to an experience that is so hard to define.


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