Rick and I rescued Juice from a shelter in December of 2010. She and her brother, Tumbler, were my Christmas cats.

Only 7 months old when we brought them home, Juice has grown up a lot since we added her to our family. Named for her orange color, she's got spunk and a bit of an attitude. Hopefully she won't read this, because she also holds a grudge sometimes.

She's not a lap cat like her brother, but she is very loving and prefers to be carried around, cradled like a baby. She enjoys playing "Dead Cat" which you can witness here:http://youtu.be/ic3YBJCZMYg

She's fiercely protective of her brother, Tumbler, and has been known to hold him tightly when he needs a buddy.

She's big on purring and besides being a love moocher, she's a food moocher extraordinaire.

She's much more independent than Tumbler and is very stealthy. She tries to teach Tumbler how to be a ninja, but alas, Tumbler is... Tumbler.

If you feed her ego, she'll love you forever.

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