Thursday, July 2, 2015


There are people we meet who ignite a spark within us, people who pop into our lives and suddenly it's like they have always belonged there. The unexpected, when it's terrible and painful, is brutal - a reality check and a loss of ground. The unexpected, when it's beautiful and awesome, is exhilarating - a dream come true and a lesson in inner happiness.

It's exciting when you find parts of yourself in someone else. It's meaningful when the presence of another person makes you look forward to tomorrow. 

Some things are better left unsaid, tucked away into a quiet place in the heart. There is plenty of time for stories, explanations, and thoughts. Right now, it's good to just feel good. 

Today was my last day at my job before I embark on a new professional journey - nervous, eager, and full of anticipation for all the good that is yet to come...

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  1. Hi Arielle - I am so sorry that your husband passed away last May. I just passed my one year on July 3rd - so not far behind you in my journey. My journey is different, my loss is different (cancer) but my hubby was just 37 and this is a place i never imagined I would be. I have found your posts inspiring and full of hope - thankyou for sharing. People say the second year is worst but i think there is NO WAY it can be worse than what is behind us surely? I am posting a link to my reflections of widowhood in the first year. wishing you peace and continued hope on this journey xxx


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