Saturday, August 23, 2014

Results of Darkness

There was a time back in 2008 when Rick and I often came home from work to a dark house. The power used to go out in our whole neighborhood for hours at a time for no reason at all. 

Rick and I would light a bunch of candles and distribute them around the house. Then Rick would take a shower in the dark and if the power still wasn't back on, I'd call the electric company to see if I could find out any details--such as if we were going to have to go out to dinner because we'd be unable to cook.

Usually, Rick and I headed out to dinner. What started out as a hardship became enjoyable. I started not minding if the power went out, because it meant impromptu dates with my husband. We had more fun coming home to power outtages than we would have had otherwise. 

I was thinking of those days in 2008 when I was cleaning my house with my mom today, because I moved the lantern I always use when the lights go out. I found myself smiling, remembering dinners and laughter that were a direct result of darkness.

It got me thinking on a more figurative level, because tonight I went out to dinner with my friends Jennifer and Matthew who are married. I wished so much that Rick could have been with us, but laughter carried us through the evening. I laughed quite a lot. And as they left tonight, I thought again about dinners and laughter from 2008 that were a direct result of darkness. 

Dinners with Jennifer and Matthew seem to be too, just darkness of a less literal nature.

I know that I am lucky. And if I stop to think about it long enough, I know that I am gaining things in the wake of this tragedy that I would not have had otherwise. 

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  1. You can kick the darkness until it will spit out the light... and you can build beauty from pain. I'm sure you can do this, you're strong enough to do this.


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