Saturday, August 30, 2014


Tonight's post is a poem I wrote today in the quiet hours of the morning. 

With every day that passes,
With every night that falls,
I hear you in the background,
An echo in the halls,
A voice inside my ear,
A thought inside my head,
I sense you in the sunshine,
Anything but dead.

I feel your calm approval,
Your reassuring shove;
When I’m crying in the darkness,
I can feel your touch of love.
I can almost see you nodding
At all I think and do,
Sending me encouragement
To slowly make it through.

I know the things you want for me,
I know the things you’d say.
I know you wouldn’t scold me
For still crying every day.
But I also know you’re cheering
When I triumph over pain.
I smile when you’d smile
If there’s something I attain.

There is so much that I want,
So much waiting out in space
As I move and become stronger,
As I reach, and grasp, and chase.
I want, I want, I want…
I list things in my head.
You push and nod along,
Anything but dead.

I want to wake up safe,
To feel a loving touch.
I want to feel some freedom
From all the things I fear so much.
I want to use my writing
To get me somewhere great.
I want to master patience,
Because I know I’ll have to wait.

I want to have adventures,
Both near and far away.
I want to feel content
At the end of every day.
I want to hear you in my head,
But run independently.
I want to live, and laugh, and love -
And you want all that for me.


  1. Both the picture at the beginning of this post and the poem are very touching... The poem seems like a love song...


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