Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Humor Never Dies

I miss writing Facebook statuses about Rick. I miss telling funny Rick stories. He was always good for a chuckle. He had his own way about him. My Facebook statuses about Rick were always the most "liked."

Now I go on Facebook and post about grief. I try to change it up by being uplifting or cheerful as necessary... but "funny" just doesn't seem possible anymore.

The great thing about having a funny person in your life is that even when he is gone, the humor never dies... Take a trip down memory lane with me...

The colorblind scenarios were always amusing...

His fashion sense never failed him...

But even when he didn't see mismatched clothes or Timbs as an issue, somehow accessorizing caused him stress...

And of course...

Okay, I was sad and that helped. Hard to believe this hilarious man is not here anymore. The humor is so real and vivid...and practically tangible...that it is physically painful to wrap my head around the fact that he isn't going to make me laugh ever again.

Then I remember...

Thank God that humor never dies.
Still laughing.


  1. These made me smile while I read them. Your reaction to Rick’s comments and Rick-isms are just as funny. Recently I was thinking about the time you shared the email Rick sent out at work regarding the filling of the ice cube trays. Your comment about the email was so very funny. It still makes me smile.
    Take good care.

  2. I'm crying laughing! Keep them coming!

  3. LOL somehow you post just what I need to hear too. The donkey jeans cracked me up! lol

  4. Dear Arielle thankyou for taking us with you on a trip down memory lane. I think its great that you are doing these posts.Humor laughing and smiling is good for the soul. sending love and hugs xxxx Ann richardson


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