Friday, September 19, 2014

Little Things

The little things in life are so much more significant now. Cups of coffee, a visit from a friend, a phone call, a text message, cuddles from my cats, a particularly meaningful song, a funny joke, good food, a quiet run, a hot all feels different and better.

There are so many simple things in life. That's the beauty of it all. 

Warm clothes, the sunshine, my bed after a long day, an ice cold bottle of water when I'm tired and thirsty, a hot cup of tea late at night, the Gilmore Girls, Rick's chair, a pumpkin pie candle, a smile from a stranger, a perfect quote, looking in your rear view mirror to see a friend in her car behind you, a good laugh, a good cry, the right words on a blog... It all makes sense when nothing else does. It is so insignificantly significant. 

My days have always been populated by little things, of course, but it's different now. As I walk the journey of grief, I am aware that these little things are actually the glue that hold my days together. 

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