Friday, September 12, 2014

The Price of Love

This hurts so much because it meant so much.

Grief is the price of love. It all comes down to that. If Rick hadn't meant so much, this grief wouldn't be so overwhelming.

He taught me. He shaped me. He loved me.

And this grief is the price I am paying for all of that. I am willing to pay the price, because it means I lived an authentic life with him - the good with the bad, the pain and the joy. I am willing to pay the price, because I have no regrets. I wanted the time I had with Rick. And I would not change that. So now I have to go through grief... because I loved.

Grief can be terrible, powerful, painful, and earth-shaking. Grief is the price of love. But it is worth it.

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  1. I don't think love has a price. It wouldn't be a feeling so powerful if it could be quantified. I think the grief is a consequence of the gap left by the person you loved. But love, in contrast to life, is infinite. You'll bring it with you forever. It won't be a price, but a reward.


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