Saturday, September 20, 2014

What's Inside

I found this exercise on an Art Therapy website once. It was called the Feelings Heart.

You start by listing your emotions. Then you choose a color for each one. Then you fill up your heart with how much of each emotion you are feeling at present in your life. 

It's supposed to be an exercise for children. Tonight, I'm going to use it as a tool to better understand what's going on inside me. I know what's in there, but I'm not sure how it all fills me up and I'd like to see what's happening in there.

The first 6 emotions that felt biggest...and most right...were: fear, sadness, hope, love,  confidence, and pain. I assigned colors that fit them...and the rest is plain to see.  

This is what my heart looks like. This is what's inside me. 

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