Sunday, April 5, 2015


This is my 300th post. I wonder how many pages this blog would be all bound together... I wonder how many volumes it has yet to become...

Today, before an early Easter dinner at my parents' house, I went for a long head-clearing run. The wind was a bit intense at points, but with The Eagles playing in my ears, I barely noticed. I let the air fill me, the sun touch my skin, and every time my feet hit the ground I felt a bit lighter. 

[post-run Easter selfie]

I'm looking forward to the warmer weather... the spring, the summer. Last spring into summer left a lot to be desired. It was horrific, hollow, hectic, and bittersweet at different points. I remember always feeling like the warm sun and beautiful weather was a huge contrast to how I felt inside, with my mourning and emptiness. This year, I'm hoping for transition, change, peace, excitement, inner happiness, and the chance to enjoy each day as it comes. 

I thrive in the warmer months...on the sun, the heat, the brightness, the light... 

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