Friday, April 3, 2015

Positive Change

You may remember my posts about the anonymous widower from around Valentine's Day. I shared each item I opened in that original package for the next few days. Well, Anonymous Widower is back! Today when I checked my mail, I found I had received a large package. Not expecting anything, I opened it to find another letter and a variety of very thoughtful gifts, all lying in plastic Easter grass.

It is amazing to me that a man I've never met, who reads my blog because he has been widowed himself, takes the time to send me packages out of kindness.

In other news, I think April and May will bring a lot of positivity. This is me with my "Positivity Wall" at work...well, one corner of it anyway. I began wallpapering my office with squares of positive quotes in art form many months ago. The wall continues to grow...

I am in the homestretch of this first year of widowhood. By the end of May, I will be able to breathe a sigh of relief that I made it through, that in fact, I came out on the other side of it all happier and better. 

The final weeks of this tumultuous year bring changes, memories, and things to look forward to:

April 5th: Easter (the final holiday of the first year alone)
April 12th: A concert in Philadelphia with my friend Daniele - a celebratory adventure of sorts
April 19th: my wedding anniversary (the first one since Rick's been dead due to when he died)
May 1st & 2nd: a trip to Virginia Beach for my friend Lindy's wedding
May 8th: Rick's birthday (again, the first one since he's been dead)
May 16 & 17: I'll be manager on duty that weekend, exactly one year since the first time I was...the fateful weekend I lost my husband
May 18th: the anniversary of Rick's death
and finally...
May 22nd & 23rd: My mom and I will make the trip to Ogunquit, Maine to scatter Rick's ashes where he always wanted them to be, I'll stay where Rick and I used to stay at the shore there for the last time, and mark one year by gaining closure and saying good bye.

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