Thursday, April 2, 2015

A History of Tears

It's funny to think how much I've cried this past year...  I remember writing months ago that my grocery list almost always had "tissues" written on it, because I was always running out...

Granted, most of my tears were shoved into the first half of these last several months and the act of crying became a history rather than a common occurrence. 

But as I was's funny to think how much I've cried this past year, and how often I speak about crying and/or emotions on this blog...but yet, so few people have ever really seen me cry. 

The number did rise drastically, of course, when I consider that I stood at the front of a funeral home receiving every single person who came to Rick's funeral. Technically, they all saw me cry. And there were a lot of people... 

But that's not the kind of crying I'm referring to... That's not the quiet, secret kind of crying that comes just by opening up a little, or by saying words that are hard to say, or from being moved by the compassion of another human being. 

The quiet, soft, open kind of crying is the kind of crying that so few have seen...the kind that brings me closer to those who have witnessed it...and closer still to those who have wrapped me up (figuratively or literally) in their love and understanding. 

Thank you to everyone who has ever entered the inner circle of my emotions. The blog is sacred, but what you've seen is even more real.

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