Friday, February 13, 2015


The only word that comes to mind right now is: wow. I came home tonight to a package, delivered locally.  There was a cat drawing on the outside of the box that made me smile and upon opening it, I discovered it was from an anonymous stranger who identified himself as a young widower who wants no recognition or thanks, and gave me 4 cards/gift to open over the next 4 days, with a specific one for Valentine's Day! 

I don't know any widowers, so I don't know this person. Once again, my blog has brought kindness my way.

I stood in my house dumbfounded as I read the following card.

I know that he does not want recognition, praise, or a blog post on his behalf, but I simply can't not say THANK YOU for the lovely surprise and thought. Since he is anonymous, I do hope it's okay I've shared his letter. Even I don't know who he is, so I figure it's not a breech of confidentiality. And I hope he can understand that the meaningful words just can't go unrecognized here, as this is definitely blog-worthy!

What a true random act of kindness!

And furthermore, the remaining cards/item have cats drawn on them. CATS. 

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