Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Today, I...

a) talked to senior citizens about bullying each other

b) went to Wegmans without crying

c) carved a pumpkin into a cat

d) all of the above

[last year's pumpkin]

[this year's pumpkin - shockingly, a happier one]

Yes, it's (d), all of the above. Those are my small accomplishments for the day. Now, I'm immobile in my chair (strange how I've grown used to calling it "my" chair, even though it was Rick's chair), ready for tea and cats. The house kind of settles around me and I feel a sense of relief to have made it through another day.

When I'm feeling low, one of my cats does something funny. They have a knack for choosing the right moment. I think they must whisper about me, deciding between them who will be the funny one that day.

That's why I wasn't really surprised to find my lady cat Juice wearing my high heels.

Rick knew humor. Rick was always making me laugh. Humor always wins. Sometimes I think he gives the cats ideas.

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  1. I know it's a silly comment, but your pumpkins are work of art!


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