Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I have had a terrible day.

Maybe the worst day since Rick died and the day of the funeral.

I'm not going to give more energy to the terrible-ness right now.

I'm still sick, still have no voice, and instead of telling you what happened, I am going to end today on a positive note by stating the things I am thankful for today:

1) My co-worker/friend Stacy who came into my closed office today to check on me and comfort me when I had been crying for 30 minutes.

2) My parents for being their ever-wonderful selves. I am very, very, very lucky. Without them, I'd have very different circumstances.

3) Tea with honey x 7

4) My cats who know that snuggling is the best medicine.

5) My best friend Libes who speaks to me and my mother in the same conversation and knows that curse words are important in certain situations.

6) My brother-in-law Keith who listened to me croak out tales of woe with my horrible lack of voice and yelled at Rick with me.

7) My friend Daniele who read the longest text message in history because I had no voice to talk to her, but needed her love and support. If text messages were made into books, our conversations would probably be Bible-thick by now.

8) And speaking of epic book-long text messages, my friend Jennifer who both texted and listened to my raspy attempt to communicate. And who offered to write me an excuse for work so I do not have to run conferences all afternoon tomorrow.

9) My co-worker/friend Laura who checked in on me and made a plan.

10) My bed.

Good night.

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