Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wellness at Bay

"People who are grieving get sick more often." This is something I have read on countless grief and loss sites. I know it's true. Our energy goes towards coping. And often, our immune systems are not up to par. And then throw in not sleeping well for long periods of time and that just adds more fuel to fire.

What I'm trying to say is I have a bad cold again.

I feel like a big baby, but I feel terrible. My throat is bright red. It feels like it's on fire. I must have drank 4 bottles of water, a can of soda, and a large hot tea just during my work day today. I talked for hours straight to run conferences for families and now I am just spent.

Jennifer is here as usual, fairly warned that I'm not feeling well. Pizza, water, meds, and Gilmore Girls will hopefully push some life back into me. She said she was unafraid. I am hoping that tomorrow I'll wake up feeling better. I am so nervous that I'll still be sick for the Walk for Rick this weekend that is so important to me.

Tissues and Nyquil. Tissues and Nyquil. It's that kind of night. I used to have a great immune system, powering through day after day tirelessly. Not so much anymore. Rick would tell me to stop complaining, then he'd give me a kiss, and tell me to stop fighting what's good for me and go to bed.

After Gilmore Girls, Rick. After Gilmore Girls.

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  1. Forgive my professional bias but, as I am a doctor, I can only tell you this: it's true, in difficult moments of life immune defenses are lowered just because the body uses all its energy and resources on the other coping strategies to face what's hard. Therefore, in order to not get sick too often, and thus being forced to have to give up on what you have to do in your daily life, why not try to take some product stimulating the immune system? Here in Italy we have one that is called "Immudek Forte SH" (I don't know how it can be called in your Country), and it helps to strengthen the immune system. It's taken in cycles of 10 days for 3 consecutive months. Ask your doctor if he/she can prescribe you something like this: in a small way, it can be nonetheless worthwhile to try to avoid that you get sick very often.


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