Monday, December 15, 2014


In my whole life, I have never learned more than I've learned these last 7 months. Through childhood, school, college, graduate school, relationships, marriage, hardship, celebration, and goal-setting, nothing has ever taught me more than these last 7 months. 

I have had experiences that have shaped me in ways I could never begin to explain. I have had conversations that have comforted me, propelled me, and made me think. I have faced fears. I have relied on my resilience. I have examined my soul. 

I feel brand new and ancient at the same time. So very young but so very old. I have felt a whole gamut of emotions from curiosity to fear to anger to sorrow to confusion to joy to pride to excitement to relief... Every emotion teaches me something...because I am listening.

There are times when I wake up in the morning when my whole body listens intently to what I'm feeling inside. The stir of the soul has a distinct sound. There are times in my car when I'm driving and listening with all my might to all the things my soul is saying. I feel the emotions shoot from my fingertips and I've been known to belt out a profound lyric or two alone in my car as the wave of my soul crashes into the shore of my understanding. There are times when I lie awake late at night, just listening. Listening to me. To what I am saying. Doing. Feeling. Wanting. Needing. Being. 

Sometimes I think I'm really onto something. 

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