Saturday, December 27, 2014


Tonight I'm thinking about how much has changed over time. How far a person can go. How far a person can come. How much a person can endure. How much a person can grow. How changed a person can become. How improved a person can become. How much happier a person can become.

Life holds so many surprises.

7 months ago today was my first day back to work after Rick had died 9 days earlier.

6 months ago today I was so concerned about my cats and received such great news about my sick kitty.

5 months ago today I began to rearrange my house.

4 months ago today I contemplated the stations of life I reached on my journey of grief.

3 months ago today I talked about my needs and how they were met.

2 months ago today I marveled at my journey...and still searched for that new "normal" to really stick...

1 month ago today I did not blog...because I was on an adventure...on a "break"...out of the state...and it was Thanksgiving Day. And I was spending a non-traditional Thanksgiving feeling like a real person again.

And now, yet another month has passed... I'm unafraid (more unafraid even than when Rick was still alive)... my momentum has created a groove... I'm ready for new things and whatever life has to offer... and I'm 100% ready for 2015.


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  1. This is so great blog and you are a real inspiration for me! My mother died 10 years ago. And only in 2014 I feel like I really have moved forward. Due to a lot of circumstances this year I finaly got a courege to seek for help. And I recieved help I needed so much. And my life is so lighter and wiser now. I believe that only those who experienced the darkest of times, are able to feel happiness and be ALIVE for real.
    I wish you the best in 2015!


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