Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I used to keep this little list from about the age of 20 or 21 called Things I Want to Do By the Time I'm 30. I tweaked items on the list from year to year as life changed. Sometimes I laughed at myself as I got older and noticed how silly some of my goals began to look on paper, but for the most part, my list remained constant.

Well, I'm 30 and I've only really accomplished 4 of the 11 items that have made it to the final draft.

get a better job
get a Masters degree
- become a mother
- publish a book
travel somewhere outside the US
- re-learn Spanish
start a successful eating disorder support group
- visit England and all the friends I have there
- start a mentoring program for girls - going into schools, facilitating groups, presenting good role models for today's youth and answering the questions the kids really want to ask
- visit the West Coast
- go on a trip with the purpose to help a group of people, not be on vacation (I've always wanted to go somewhere like India or Mexico or Haiti for like 10 days just to put my MSW to use and have an eye-opening experience)

I did get a better job and I'm thankful for that. I did get a Masters Degree! I did travel outside the US on my honeymoon to St. Lucia (2008) and again for a friend's wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (2009), but it seems so long ago that I even looked at my passport. It will be 7 years this summer that I've led an eating disorder support group in the Lehigh Valley.

I guess I'll have to revise my list's title to Things I Want to Do By the Time I'm 35 and see how far I get.

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  1. If you ever come to England, cross the border and visit Wales too! It would be a pleasure to meet you :)


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