Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Today, in the archives of my phone, I saw a picture of a woman named Arielle that was taken in June. I stared at it for a solid minute and determined that selfies can show as much progression as my trips to Connecticut. 

Look what's happened from then until now...

The selfie on the right is from less than 2 weeks ago, when I was about to head out to my mom's art show. 

If you ignore the fact that my curls are back to their blissfully natural buoyant state, there are so many other differences. The light in my eyes. The smile taking over my whole face. The full participation in life that shows physically. I am filled up to the brim with hope, excitement, and happiness...and it's evident.

It's always been a process. I've smiled along the way to here. There was not a sudden change. Gradually, I pushed my way through every day life with a smile and a positive attitude for all who met me along the way...and then somewhere, somehow, as 2015 clicked into existence and the new year welcomed me, external factors collided with internal changes and I opened up like a flower in the sun. 

The heart is a strange and beautiful place, and mine shines through my eyes. 

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