Thursday, January 15, 2015

It's On

Well, my meeting with the realtor wasn't the best. He was great, but it turns out that there are 7 houses in my townhouse development that have been for sale for up to a year and only one house has sold. They are also listed at prices MUCH MUCH MUCH lower than what we paid for our house 7.5 years ago. Like $50,000+ less. So it's a big hit. And I won't likely walk away with much if anything... even though I've been paying a mortgage for almost 8 years...but what feels worse than that actually is the wait I might be in for.

I had made up my mind to go. I was ready to get out. And now, it looks like my house might hang out on the market for another year. With me in it.

Nothing sets my house apart from the others exactly like it in my neighborhood. 

I felt a loss of momentum. A disappointment. 

So I talked to my mom. And my dad. And Rick's brother. Complained. Sighed. Discussed scenarios. Felt stuck.

Then I got in my car, played my music loudly, scream-sang all the way to Target, and walked around until I made up my mind and felt positive again. Then I sang my way back home. 

The Universe has big plans for me, so a pain-in-the-ass house situation isn't going to stop me. 

No one ever got anywhere by sitting still.
I have nothing to lose.
Guess I'll list it.

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