Friday, January 9, 2015

Personal Ad...Revised

A few months ago, I posted a personal ad (poem). Tonight, I re-wrote it.

30 years young with knowing blue eyes;
Single and hard-working;
Will take you by surprise.
Sometimes hair's straight, but usually it's curls;
Pretty much an open book;
Not like other girls.
Looking for adventure; looking to live -
Not just into wasting time;
Really likes to give.
Needs to have coffee, needs to have cats;
Friends are so important;
Loves clothes, shoes and hats.
Writer at heart, with an old soul;
Pretty damn relentless;
Happy with a goal.
Going with the flow, waiting to see;
30 years young with knowing blue eyes
Seeking what's meant to be.

(c) ALB 2015

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