Monday, February 23, 2015

All In

This blog has seen and heard it all. I think I've talked about every emotion in the book over the last 9 months - from joy to disappointment to hope to fear to excitement to loneliness to celebration to relief... and everything in between. I don't censor myself, because it's not my style.

I write the most personal of things. I lay it all out for people to see, to sift through, to pick apart. Some people even look for hidden messages or read between the lines. That's okay with me, because I'm telling you something. 

Actually, I'm telling you lots of things. And I'm saying them, because I want you to listen. Yes, you.

I don't want pity. Or curiosity. I don't want praise. Or encouragement. I just want you to know that I'm not afraid to feel. I'm not afraid to feel all of it, every last bit. In fact, we are here to go all in. So I am trying to say that I'm all in. 

This is important:

I'm on a mission to keep feeling alive... and you are welcome to join me. 

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  1. Good on you, you are much more brave than I - I'll be reading! ;)


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