Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Before Bed

A little bit of wine in the glass by my side,
A little bit of music serving as a guide,
A little bit of darkness soothing my pride…
I retire the desire
To run away and hide.

A lot of consternation coupled with fear,
A lot of rationality I can’t seem to hear,
A lot of night loneliness, but not one tear…
I sigh and I try
To feel the calm near.

A little bit of hope burning like a coal,
A little bit of circumstance out of my control,
A little bit of joy settling in my soul...
I smile all the while
And become more whole.

A lot of emotion that dips very deep,
A lot of intuition telling me to leap,
A lot of sweet thoughts I want to keep...
I grope for more hope
And I try to sleep.

© Arielle Lee Bair 2015

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