Sunday, February 22, 2015


Since becoming a widow, facts about me that are still true:

1) I am a hopeless romantic.
2) I look for the best in people, and that's why I find it.
3) One day I want to be a famous writer, so look for a cute photo of me on the backs of book jackets at Barnes & Noble in the future. 
4) Every day, I realize I am more and more like my mother...and I like it much more than I dislike it. 
5) My friends are extremely important to me. 
6) I am very affectionate. 
7) I am happy to wake up every morning.
8) I'm relentless.
9) I'm full of gratitude. 
10) I am extremely loyal - body, mind, and soul.

Since becoming a widow, NEW facts about me: 

1) I sometimes actually enjoy driving. 
2) I sleep with my phone in bed with me.
3) I think I've actually turned into a morning person - I seem to start my day earlier and earlier. 
4) I have realized some of the things I've been missing so far in life and I want to have them. 
5) I spend a lot of time deep in thought. 
6) I fantasize about the future, but live in the now. 
7) I surprise myself and I have less fear.
8) My life is less cluttered.
9) I have an ache that's just dying to be soothed with laughter, excitement, fun, and affection. 
10) Even though I have less fear, I am often afraid - no, terrified - to hope, because the pain of disappointment hurts so much more when you've been through the year I've been through. 

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