Friday, February 27, 2015

Embracing the Moment

Back when I was 22, I wrote this:

Life doesn't invite you to stop and think. It doesn't have time for that. Life continues at a rapid and steady pace without saying, "Hey - stop right here, right now...and reflect." So you're on your own. You have to remember to do this. It's vital...or you begin to take things for granted. You begin to get tired. You begin to feel ungrateful. You begin to worry. You leave no time for what you want or for the simple things in life. You leave no time for laughter or pondering or smiling for the mere sake of smiling. You forget to enjoy the truly great things that careen into your life and smack you in the face.

Life just is and it's up to you to wake yourself up for brief moments here and there. It's up to you to question things, to answer things, to dream, to be thankful, to breathe. Life is a film that never ends and you hold the remote; you can press the pause button. You can take a moment.

Life hardly ever comes in almost always comes in downpours. So stop the car, clear off your windshield, and take a look. 

That's one of the best things about being a writer who keeps writing for years on end: messages from yourself.

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