Monday, February 9, 2015

Personal Ad Revised...Again

Is this what 30 year old widows do? Spend their Monday nights eating macaroni and cheese, drinking  too much red wine, and pondering the meaning of life?

Back in October, I wrote a personal ad as a blog entry (in poem form) and it turned out *like this.*

A month ago, I wrote *this one* - a revised version of the original. 

Well, I'm revising it again tonight for the third time, because the world keeps changing, I'm bored and lonely, and I feel like it.

30 years young with playful blue eyes;
Single and hard-working;
Will take you by surprise.
Embracing the natural, hair's usually in curls;
Pretty much an open book;
Not like other girls.
Looking for adventure; looking to live -
Never into wasting time;
Always likes to give.
Needs to have coffee, needs touch and affection;
Friends are so important;
Needs laughter and connection.
Writer at heart, with an old soul;
Pretty damn relentless;
Happy with a goal.
One day at a time, will not be outdone;
30 years young with playful blue eyes
Seeking a life of fun.

(c) ALB 2015

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  1. For what it's worth, as a single 31--almost 32--year-old woman, my nights look pretty similar. While you have a different reason for getting there, you're now a member of a pretty popular, and fun, demographic.


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